A Celebration of Classes

We are so excited about the offering of classes at Thermal Horizons that YOU helped curate! Our studios, Ha (Sun) and Tha (Moon), are ample spaces to practice yoga, fitness, or meditation with highly skilled instructors who have perfected their craft. We believe that changes require not only a decision but action, and here, we have a unique team of collaborative professionals to handle everyone's specific goals.

If you are new to our Community or have noticed how our classes have changed due to the needs of our practitioners, here is a handy description of all current classes so you can select what sounds good for your soul on any given day, take a deep breath, and walk in the door full of peace, confidence, and excitement - getting through the door is the hardest part. We have over twenty different types of classes!  Almost a new class for every day of the month.

Calming Slow Flow – Establish your rhythm of breath to guide the body into movement to create a mindful and active meditation. The class promotes strength, proper alignment, and flexibility to cultivate heat in the body with sequences involving sun salutations, standing, and seated postures.

Candlelit Soul Yoga Flow – A non-heated treat linking movement and breath to support your overall health and well-being with attention to safe alignment and individual needs. The darkened Sun studio is filled with candles to invite a deep sense of calm as you warm your body and relax your mind. Fun, creative sequences provide the perfect amount of heat.

Circuit Functional Fitness – A high-energy, dynamic full-body workout designed to build and establish strength for everyday life. Students will incorporate TRX suspension trainers, resistance training, stability-focused core movements, and compound movements intended to target multiple muscle groups simultaneously. Everyone can rev up their heart rates in this class.

Creating Alignment – A Vin/Yin-inspired flow focusing on alignment techniques and foundational postures tocreate alignment in anybody! This is an early morning class to start your day and priorities off right.

Gentle Flow and Restore – A blend of gentle vinyasa and restorative Yoga that focuses on self-care. During the vinyasa flow, students will connect to their bodies through movement and breath, focusing on listening to what their body wants and needs. The class then transitions to restorative poses to welcome rest while being supported by blankets, blocks, or bolsters. Students will practice deliberate stillness to unravel muscle tension and stress while quieting the mind and healing the body.

Gentle Yoga with Therapeutic Movement - This class will focus on slow, mindful, intentional movements and connection with our breath to regulate the nervous system. The therapeutics portion of this class is not always meant to be easy but prioritizes low-risk, effective approaches for most bodies to find relief, strength, and balance. Students should check in with their teacher about injuries or discomfort before class. Modifications will be given, and props will be added to ensure each student's specific needs are met. This class generally takes place entirely on the floor. It is welcoming to those with no prior Yoga experience, with injuries or specific needs, and anyone simply looking to soothe their nervous system and find deep rest in their bodies and hearts.

Hot Morning Flow – Designed to offer thought-provoking awareness of the whole self with playful flowing postures. This practice will challenge you physically, mentally, and soulfully in a way that feels attainable for intermediate and advanced students.

Hot Sculpt and Flow – A wonderful blend of heated yoga sequences with the use of hand weights. This energizing and fun class will speak to your entire body and leave you sweaty and inspired.

Hot Vinyasa Flow - This class will tone and strengthen muscles, increase endurance, and ease body aches/pain. You will leave the class having detoxified your entire body and improved your mind-body connection. It will be just the right amount of challenge to go about the rest of your day with more energy and less stress.

iRest Yoga Nidra – Based on the ancient teaching of meditation, iRest Yoga Nidra is an evidence-based transformative practice that leads to psychological, physical, and spiritual healing and well-being. Be guided in meditation while lying down or reclining with support to heal unresolved issues and traumas present in your body. The practice will initiate a feeling of wholeness and peace of mind.

Mat Functional Fitness – A strength-based workout designed to build and maintain strength to improve body alignment to perform everyday movements efficiently and easily. Remaining on your mat for the entirety of the class, you will work through a series of exercises targeting multiple muscle groups at once, including resistance training with dumbbells and bands, stability focus core work, and controlled movements focusing on form over speed. This is a great class for all levels!

Mat Pilates Sculpt – A body sculpting treat using controlled and intentional movement to improve core stability, posture, and flexibility.

Sunset Stretch and Flow – Watch the sunset in the Moon studio as you create length and space through deep stretching and therapeutic movement. The second half of class incorporates flow to move your body comfortably and completely before settling for evening rest.

Sunrise Posture Sequence – This class honors each student at their individual level and promotes growth in their physical, mental, and spiritual practice. Benefits include increased mobility and strength while promoting mind and body connection. Sweat out toxins and enjoy a standing meditation in this multi-series instruction.

Vin/Yin - This class is the perfect combo between a Vinyasa and yin-based yoga class. In the first part of the class, students will work dynamically with alignment-based (Yang) poses and linking movement with breath. For the second part of the class, we will shift gears and slow it down for the floor-based Yin poses. These poses are held for longer periods to nourish the body's connective tissues and stimulate the deeper energetic layers in the body. You will leave feeling refreshed, relaxed, and renewed! 

Warm Flow – Let Go – A well-rounded vinyasa flow class to build heat and strength with flexibility and stillness. The class addresses the body and mind in equal measure, emphasizing alignment and modifications. A chance to embrace your highest self to conquer the day!

Warm Rise & Vibe – A full and intentional way to welcome your day! Students will start slow to find their vibe before turning up the heat. This flow class has energized movements, room for self-expression, and deep asanas. It is a time to show up for yourself and find your center. You will get sweaty, but there is also a seven-minute savasana!  

Warm Sunrise Primal – Get ready to get primal! This class is a re-awakening of your primal nature by releasing blocked energy. You will ignite the Sacred Masculine and Devine Feminine in all of us. A perfect blend of moment and stillness, Primal Flow alchemizes the four elements, integrating pranayama, salutation variations, challenging and grounding asana sequences, vibrational shaking, intuitive dance, deep stretching, and Savasana meditation.

Healing Flow and Sound Bath – Experience the healing energy of a warm space, an easy flow with the intention to ease sore, tight muscles with the soothing sensation of breathing deeply and fully. This beautiful flow ends with a healing sound bath. The class is absolute bliss.

Warriors Path - The Warriors Path combines mindfulness with strength.  The foundation of this class begins with breathwork to bring the body back to center as we take this journey with our highest self. You can expect flows emphasizing the fluidity of transitions, strong holds, and thorough alignment cues to inspire confidence and a sense of grounding. Combining breath and movement, the intention of this practice is to create space that will allow each student to find their own path to the empowered warrior within.

Yin - Are you ready to come to stillness? Join us for our newest addition to our schedule! In this Yin yoga class you’ll be guided through floor-based yin postures held for prolonged periods of time to nourish the fascial tissues of the body and stimulate the deeper energetic channels in the body. We’ll be working with the meridians, gentle breath practices and the seasons and their elements to explore the deeper energetic layers of our own being. Get ready for an experience that will leave you feeling both inspired, connected and relaxed.

Yoga with Guided Meditation - Yoga and meditation allow students to reconnect and expand. This class opens with an easy asana practice that then leads to a comfortable meditation - inviting for practitioners of all experience levels.

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